The College Basic Academic Subjects Examination (CBASE) is a general education test that is given to those who are interested in becoming teachers. This exam was created through standards drafted by the University of Missouri at Columbia.

The exam covers several general education topics relating to what all teachers must be fully educated in. These include such topics as mathematics, English, science and social studies.

The topics covered in the exam are reflective of what is used in most major educational institutions around the world. These include not only traditional primary schools also some secondary institutions and colleges. A person must pass this test before actually receiving a degree or certification for teaching students in a particular field based on that person’s desire.

A prospective teacher can take the first step towards certification by entering the College Basic Academic Subjects Examination. Anyone who is in college studying to become a teacher must take the exam at some point prior to graduation. It is particularly best for a person to take it during the semester that the person will be graduating in. This is to give that person a better idea of what may be done when looking to receive this form of certification after a certain period of time.

A person must have completed at least ninety credit hours of study before becoming eligible to enter the examination. Fortunately for most people, this threshold will be reached during the graduating semester when a participant could be more likely to successfully complete the exam. The CBASE exam is administered by the college you are enrolled in. A student must achieve a minimum score of 235 on each component of the CBASE in order to qualify for admission into an undergraduate professional education program. Students who do not achieve a passing score on any component(s) of the examination may retake the component(s) as many times as necessary within a period of two years from the initial administration. If a student does not pass all of the CBASE components within the two-year period, all of the individual component scores will expire and the student must retake the entire examination.The exam will take approximately four hours to complete including time for instructions, writing exercise, a break, and multiple choice questions.

Subjects covered on the CBASE exam: English Reading/Literature – Understand literature by reading critically and analytically. Writing – Complete a writing exercise to demonstrate an understanding of written English conventions. Understand writing as a process. 
Mathematics General Math – Demonstrate an ability to use statistics, properties, and notations. Understand the practical applications of math. Algebra – Be able to evaluate expressions, equations, and inequalities. Geometry – Understand two and three dimensional figures as well as geometrical calculations

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