The Automotive Service Excellence or ASE had a mission to improve the quality of vehicle repair and service in the United States through the testing and certification of automotive repair technicians. The A series of tests will identify and recognize those automobile and light truck (up to class 3) technicians who can demonstrate knowledge of the skills necessary to diagnose, service and repair cars, SUVs and light duty trucks.

The ASE A1 Engine Repair test is 1.25 hours long and has 60 multiple choice questions in the following categories:

  • General Engine Diagnosis – 15 questions
  • Cylinder Head & Valve Train Diagnosis & Repair – 10 questions
  • Engine Block Diagnosis & Repair – 10 questions
  • Lubrication & Cooling Systems Diagnosis & Repair – 8 questions
  • Fuel, Electrical, Ignition & Exhaust Systems Inspection & Service – 7 questions

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ready to start your exam prep
ready to start your exam prep