The National League for Nursing (NLN) pre-admission examination for practical/vocational nursing (PAX PN/VN) is a prerequisite for anyone wishing to enter a practical or vocational nursing program; and eventually to become a licensed practical nurse or a licensed vocational nurse. All candidates must have a high school diploma or the GED equivalent in order to take the examination. Other entrance requirements vary depending on the program. Minimum passing scores for the examination may also vary based on the standards of the academic institution. The PAX PN/VN examination is conducted as a hand-written test; a computer-based PAX PN/VN examination is not available at this time. The examination is made up entirely of multiple-choice questions, and candidates have three hours in which to complete the examination. Topics covered include the following:
  • Verbal skills (word knowledge and reading comprehension)
  • Mathematics (basic calculations, word problems, algebraic and geometric concepts, conversions, graphs, and applied mathematics)
  • Science (general science, biology, chemistry, physics, and earth science)
  • Nursing (health and first aid)

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