The Certified Protection Professional (CPP)® credential provides demonstrable proof of knowledge and management skills in eight key domains of security. It consists of 200 scored multiple-choice questions and possibly 25 unscored questions randomly distributed throughout the exam for a total of 225 questions. The exam covers tasks, knowledge and skills in seven broad areas that have been identified by CPPs as the major areas involved in security management.

  • Security Principles and Practices  (21%)
  • Business Principles and Practices  (13%)
  • Investigations (10%)
  • Personnel Security  (12%)
  • Physical Security (25%)
  • Information Security (9%)
  • Crisis Management (10%)
  • Candidates are required to submit the CPP Application before making exam reservations. By submitting your application, you authorize the APA Certification Board to contact the supervisor who signed the “Verification of Application” section of your application to substantiate your eligibility. The Certification Board reserves the right to audit applications to verify applicant eligibility. APA membership is not required to take this exam.

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ready to start your exam prep