Carpentry Practice Test
Licensing, certifications and exam requirements for carpentry vary from state to state. Some states require licensing for any type of job, while others don’t require any licensing at all, regardless of the type of job they perform. Sill others have requirements for jobs over a certain amount of money, over a certain size or for commercial jobs. Some areas have local requirements at the city, township or county level. It is important for you to check with your local and state agencies to learn what exact requirements there are for your area and community.

Because of this wide variation in requirement, all exams have different formats. Most business, law and finance sections of the exams are multiple choice while trade sections of the exam vary between multiple-choice questions and hands on testing. Some exams are open book while others are closed. The number of questions per exam and the length of time allowed to complete each exam also differ from state to state. Fees can vary widely as well. Some carpentry exams are administered by state agencies and others are administered by third party testing agencies.

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ready to start your exam prep