The College Board offers the Accuplacer test which helps place students in the academic pursuits that they are most likely to do well in. It meets the assessment needs of community colleges, four-year colleges, technical school and high schools. It is a mutliple-choice web-based test that determines skills in reading, writing and math in order to place students at their appropriate level. It is untimed, but most students have it completed in under 90 minutes. The test is adaptive so the number of questions on the test range from as few as 12 to as many as 40 and varies in degree of difficulty depending on your previous answers. It is not a pass/fail outcome, but it is important to do your best so you and your college can have an accurate measure of your skills. All questions must be answered and students are not allowed to go back to change or review a previous answer. Test scores are valid for two years after test completion.

The Accuplacer Test may determine whether a student goes directly into a college-level course or a remedial class. Preparation for the exam can help assure proper placement of students.
  The Accuplacer Test consists of the following:
  • General Assessments – Reading Comprehension, Sentence skills, Arithmetic Elementary Algebra, College Level Mathematics
  • Essay Assessments – WritePlace ® Plus, WritePlacer ESL
  • ESL Assessments – LOEP Reading Skills, LOEP Sentence Meaning, LOEP Language Usage, LOEP Listening Component, WritePlacer ESL
  • Supplemental Skills Assessments – Arithmetic, Elementary Algebra
  • Alternative Format Assessments – COMPANION Paper, COMPANION CD-Rom, COMPANION Special Formats (Braille, Audio Cassette, and Large Print)

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